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What Platform's Are Best for Building a Website?

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What Platform's Are Best for Building a Website?

Finally taking the leap and making a website for your business? A customized website gives you an online presence that you can control, where you offer your goods and services in the style and design you want. Plus, it looks more professional than sending potential clients or companies to your Facebook page.

Nowadays, building a website for your business is easier than ever. Read on to learn about the most user-friendly and effective platforms for website-building.


Wix offers the lowest rate amongst its comparable competitors from $4/month for paid accounts (and a free account option), but it provides more than that. Once you register with your email address, choose one of 15 templates and 360 site themes. Then design away! The site is highly customizable, and many users find Wix to be the most instinctual platform to use. It also integrates third-party website features, such as Apple Pay.

One major downside is that the site doesn't report site traffic to you, so you might not know if your website is drawing people in.

Conclusion: User-friendly, attractive, and affordable. Thumbs up.


Sleek-looking Squarespace no longer offers a free version, though you can do a two-week cost-free trial. Monthly rates run a little higher than with comparable sites at around $12 to start. However, the site offers many tailoring options: 65 templates, and many categories and goals to choose from. Squarespace also has a sophisticated layout and provides some good-looking pre-set pages, with integrated third-party features.

As cool as it looks, Squarespace can be trickier to figure out than other sites and also costs more than some.

Conclusion: Beautiful, mostly effective, not the easiest to use.


If there's such a thing as a platform of the people, it's Weebly. You can create a free, 10-page website as long as you don't mind some Weebly adds on your page. With paid accounts from $8/month, more customization and product pages become possible. The site provides many options for business sites, and the design themes look good and are easy to access. Use website stats and the iPad app to get the most out of it.

Unfortunately, Weebly doesn't offer much in the way of storage. This isn't a big problem, as you can just store your videos and photos locally for reuse.

Conclusion: Cost-effective, convenient, little storage space.

With these platforms in mind, you can explore your options and optimize your business with a new website. Happy site-making!