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Which Hosted eCommerce Platform is Best?

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Which Hosted eCommerce Platform is Best?

The world of e-commerce and its platforms is I constant evolution. You have to decide the one that suits you best with several options available in the market. There have been numerous contentions over the self-hosted e-commerce software that is best for you. Let’s look at the following top e-commerce that is best for those who have not decided.

1. Shopify

This is a famous online shopping tool. Because of the market they aim to serve, it is more popular with the small shops.


The app store is the main reason why it has succeeded in the market. This also makes it simple to expand the capabilities of your default store on the internet. The company also offers numerous applications as compared to their competitor. Nice selections of professional themes also come with Shopify.

Shopify has a feature to remind customers who abandoned carts to come back and check out as soon as they can. Unfortunately, this option is only available for those who pay a monthly fee of $79 or more. The product also comes with unlimited bandwidth and products that are not as common as you think.

Noteworthy features

  • It has easy integration with fulfillment centers, shopping carriers, and the drop shipping companies
  • A mobile application for managing your online store and accepting payments
  • You can get assistance to set up your store by the Shopify Experts
  • A point-of-sale terminal to handle the physical shop transactions

2. BigCommerce

This is the most popular online shopping cart with massive adoption in the industry. It is also popular for the medium-sized companies and businesses. It has more features than any other platform to help your sales grow in the market.


While the platform’s rice is similar to Shopify, it has a cheaper option for every business. Features like Mail chat, gift cards, and real-time shipping quotes are also included in the $30 a month plan. For the abandoned cart recovery, you still have to upgrade to more expensive plans.

Moreover, you never need more than the $80 Gold Plan for you to access the full features of this platform. It comes with all features including bandwidth, products, and unlimited products.

Noteworthy features including integration with eBay and 24/7 support.

3. Volusion

It is the second most used online e-commerce platform. It is best for all business ranges from small to big.


It has the cheapest cart abandoned recovery feature on the internet. A starter plan also costs as low as $15.

Noteworthy features:

  • Amazon and eBay integration
  • Built-in deal-of-the-day option
  • Built-in loyalty program.

Depending on your business need and the number of visits you expect in your website, you can choose the most applicable platform to use according to your preferences.